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Welcome to BitHaul Investments

Welcome to BitHaul Investments, BitHaul Investments is a bitcoin mining provider which allows you to get onto the Bitcoin mining ladder with ease. We provide all the equipment that is needed and host it in our fully equipped datacenter, this means you have no overheads to pay such as electricity and mining rig costs. We offer more services than any other service like us, meaning you will have the best experience here with us at BitHaul Investments.

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Adaptable pricing & investment system

We offer an adaptable pricing & investment system meaning that you invest the amount you wish and can invest more at any time, be this your profit you make from us or any more bitcoins you happen to stumble upon.
All our investment contracts are running for lifetime, so they will never expire.

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The more you invest, the more you make!

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Our Services.

+10% Free bonus on first investment
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7+2+1% Three level referral commission
Refer Users and receive up to 10% of their earnings
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Bitstamp: Our goal is to provide reliable easy to use service for companies and individuals to exchange bitcoins.

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